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The Fortezza Paleochora

In ancient times, Kalamyde, a city just a short distance north from present-day Paleochora, was flourishing along with the neighbouring ones of Syia (Sougia), Lissos and Tara (Agia Roumeli).

A later strategic site for controlling the area of southwest Crete, Paleochora, attracted the attention of the Venetians who built the historical “Kastello Selino” at the top of a hill with a beautiful view to the Libyan Sea, in 1278.

The fortress was destroyed and rebuilt several times until 1539 when it was utterly destroyed by the famous pirate Barbarossa.
The ruins of this Venetian Castle, the Fortezza, is nowadays a perfect spot to enjoy the spectacular view of the village.

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about Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece, and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. With an exquisite 1,000 kilometer-long coastline, Crete boasts about 400 beaches most of which have earned a Blue Flag. The innumerable beaches combined with impressive mountains, steep gorges and fertile plains make Crete the island with the most diverse landscape in Greece.

Why Crete?

Since the island's touristic development, which dates back in the 60's, Crete nowadays demonstrates from luxurious resorts to really cheap accommodation. The visitor will find countless hotels, apartments, studios and villas to ensure a memorable holiday. Moreover, the abundance of fresh products and the renowned for its life-prolonging qualities Cretan cuisine served at the island's restaurants, make Crete a holiday destination which has it all!